Units 9-10: Reading for Pleasure. Want any more! All sorts of people! Lesson plan Grade 7

Units 9-10: Reading for Pleasure. Want any more! All sorts of people!-15 hours School:
Date: Teacher name: Student:
Grade: 7 Б Number present: Number absent:
Theme of the lesson: Want any more! Learners read non-fiction  books in Kazakh, English, Russian languages
Learning objectives 7.C3 respect differing points of view

7.C8 develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion

7.L8 understand supported narratives on a wide range of general and curricular topics

7.UE2 use a growing variety of quantifiers for countable and uncountable nouns including too much, too many, none any, enough

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:

·         convey fantasy ideas including emotions and senses:

Most learners will be able to:

·         recognise the content of an extended conversation using some supporting information realise particular facts and parts in reading passage

Some learners will be able to:

interact in a pair, group and a whole class work presenting logically connected information with ideas of other people

ICT skills  Projector or Smart board for showing a presentation
Previous learning Revision uinits 7-8
Value links Cooperation, respect to each other, collaborative work, lifelong learning
Stages /


Teachers actions Students actions Assessment criteria Resources  


Beginning of the lesson

Warming — up

5 min



































Middle of the lesson

Presentation part.

35 min






















Additional   task



Greeting students


Organization moment

Teacher:Good day!

-How are you today,are you ready for the lesson?

-Who is absent today?


Checking up the home task

Ex 4.5.6 p 77










Time to game Play the game: The Food and drink game

Rules- Every person starts with three points. One person says a word connected to food and drink, for example: banana. The next person must say a word connected to food and drink that starts with the last letter of the word before. The last letter of banana is a, so a word beginning with a might be apple. Ihe next person continues in the same way, for example: egg. If you can’t think of a word, you lose a point, and you start the game again with a new word. You can’t say a word that someone has already said. When you have no points left, re you out of the game.

Reading task!

TASK 1 Quickly look at the different texts. Decide what kind of text each one is.

a an advert                                             b a sign                                                 c a recipe                                                d information on a website about healthy eating                              e a text message                                     f a shopping list                                    g a receipt                                              h information on food packaging

TASK 2 Read the texts again. Match each text to a statement. There is one statement you do not need to use.

a I need you to go shopping for me.                                              b Imust buythese things when I go shopping                               cYou can get frozen carrots in this part of the supermarket.    d It’s the best supermarket in the area                                                        e They will change colour.                         f Don’t leave this in a very hot place                                        g Some are better than others.                                                  H It’s good for you and tastes nice too.                                           i I spent nearly €50 on food

Task abou
t foods


Good morning, teacher!

We are fine, thank you!

Today is the 26 th of January

Yes, we are ready.


“The wish flower” method helps to start the lesson with good wishes to each other.

The aim: To develop Ss speaking skills and create fndly atmosphere

Efficiency: By wishing each other they feel better and feel the support of others.













Ss should read a text and do tasks


Individual work



1)d 2)e 3)c 4)a 5)b 6)f 7)g 8)h


In pairs/group work


Students check each other’s answers.


Ss should read a text and do the tasks  



Text 1 e Text 2 a Text 3 b Text 4 h Text 5 c Text 6 I Text 7 f Text 8 d

In pairs/group work



Students check each other’s answers


                                                 At the organization moment T tries to award active Ss. «The praise» method is used to evaluate Ss with phrases like:

“Good job!                       Well done!” Formative Assessment

Good job!

Assessment criteria

— Understand with some support   most of the detail of an argument in extended talk



— complete the table with  the correct place from the box


Assessment criteria:

— Deduce meaning from context in short texts on a growing range of familiar general and curricular topics



—  read the rules again and give answers to the questions


-Make CCQ questions Yes / No

































Students book














































End  of the lesson

5 min



Home work task!

WB ex 1-2-3 page 57





Poster Success

KWL chart


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