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Тақырыбы: Health care
The aim of the lesson: to enrich the pupil’s knowledge giving them more information about Health.
To explain the importance of Health of our life
Developing aims: To develop pupils writing, reading, skills, oral speech and ability to understand the texts, to talk about good, bad habits and to develop creativity do exercises.
Methods: complex work, answer-questions
The type of the lesson: mixed
Equipment: an interactive board, proverbs, rules, the basic textbook, diagrams
The procedure
1. Organization moment:
Good morning, dear boys and girls. How are you? Who is on duty today? What day is it today?
What date is it today? What season is it now? What was your home task for today?
Are you ready for the lesson? If are you ready, we’ll begin our lesson.
2. Brainstorming. Solve the Rebus. If you guess this rebus you’ll name the themе of our lesson.
b) Now look at the board and read these proverbs and find the equivalents of these proverbs.
— Health is above wealth
— Early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy
— Prevention is better than cure
— Appetite comes with eating
— All sugar and honey
— After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile
— An apple a day keeps he doctor
— All bread is not baked in one oven
— Agues come on horseback, but go away on foot
— A hungry belly has no ears
3. Checking the home task. Exercise 13,p173.
Children, we will continue to speak about health.
Now you are going to read a short story a computer addict.
Try to predict what problems he could have. Before reading revise and study the words: exhaustion – the state of being extremely tired, obsession – smth that you think about so much that it controls your life, collapse – fall down because you are week or tired, damage -hurt.
b) Do you understand everything?
Nowadays computer take an important place in our life. To be addict a computer I think is a bad habit. What advice would you give to a computer user? How much time we must sit before computer: What is the harm of computer?
P1- It’s damage your eyes
P2 – You have insomnia
P3 – No friends
P4 – You will be ill
P5 – You will be bad speaker. Etc.
4. Introduction of a new material.
Grammar: should, shouldn’t — следует, не следует
The rule: We use should or shouldn’t to give advice
Example: We should eat healthy food
Children, now we work with “should, shouldn’t” Let’s make “Health Code”. Look at the board and write. What should and shouldn’t you do to protect our health?
You …. eat vegetables
You… drink hot milk with honey
You… eat unfresh food
You… sleep 8 hours a day
You… walk to much in a cold weather
You…drink cold water
You…air the room
You… drink much coffee
You…eat a lot of sweets
5. Answer – question exercise. T-Cl:
T: which is the effective way of keeping fit. Nowadays people want to be strong and healthy. What do to be healthy? Write down as many ways of getting and keeping fit as you can think. Use your ideas.
Good health habits:
— keep your body clean
— do morning exercise
— go in for sports
— eat healthy food
— stop eating chocolate
— buy an exercise bike
— take vitamins
avoid fatty food
walk a lot
— eat homegrown vegetables and fruits
— wear a mask over mouth and nose
— go to bed early
— keep to a diet
— go to the fitness club
— never watch TV all day
— have plants at home
— see the doctor every month
— take a cool shower
— never smoke
Bad health habits
-drinking alcohol
-take drugs
-much sleeping
-not working
-not walking
-go only by bus
-using lift
-computer addiction
-eat unhealthy food
T: These bad habits are really harmful.
What do you think is it possible to get rid of bad habits?
6.Look at the table and match the words of medicine

m e d i c i n e n e t b u r n
a q x a y u r f p v w a p c o
n y v h o s p i t a l s o q p
u r u v h e a d a c h e k i a
r h e a e t h o p f u g b s t
s w o u n g b c a g i l l p i
e o r g i a t t h u r t k g e
r e c o v e r o t a b l e t n
w a s a c p i r i n p a i n t
t o o t h a c h e v p i l l s
d w x r g u e f e v e r l p a
p r e s c r i p t i o n t o l

7. Look at the table match them to the meanings
1. Healthy sleep
2. Healthy food
3. Healthy way of living
4. Taking regular exercise
5. Games a. hopscotch, audaryspak
b. no smoking, no drinking alcohol
c. get up early and go to bed early
d. go in for sport
e.eat fresh fruits and vegetables

8. Polyglot. Complete the proverbs
1. An apple a day keep_____________ away (дәрігер)
2. One link broken, the whole_______ is broken (шынжыр)
3. _____________ is better than wealth (денсаулық)
4. The first ______________ is health (байлық)
5. Prevention is better than ___________(ем)

9. The End of the Lesson.
T: Dear students, our lesson has come to end. Let’s make a conclusion to our work. We have done many kinds of work at our lesson. You were very active. I hope you that you’ll take care of your health not only at the lesson but also in everyday life. I wish you to be always healthy. I’ll end our lesson of the words of Emerson:
“ He who has health has hope and he who has everything”
Your home task will be exercise…… the game «Puzzle time«
1. A person who gives us a medical help (doctor)
2. A part of a body that helps us to see the world (an eye)
3. A sheet of paper with the help of which we take medicine at the chemists (Prescription)
4. A car that takes a patient to the hospital (ambulance)
5. a place where we get medical help (hospital)

I’ ll give you your marks. X – your mark is … X – your mark is …
The lesson is over. You are free. Good — bye!

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