International trade of Kazakhstan

Жанбосынова Лиза Тәңірбергенқызы

Educational: to activate listening and acting skills, to develop communicative skills and abilities.


Developing: to develop pupils’ knowledge ,logical thinking , to improve reading, writing, speaking ,listening comprehension skills though doing to develop their knowledge about trade.

Brining up:   to motivate pupils interest in learning English.

Visual aids: interactiveboard, internet, computer,stickers, posters.


The methods of the lesson: a groupwork, critical thinking.



             The  procedure of the lesson.


I.Organization  moment

  1. Greeting: -Good morning pupils!

— Good morning teacher!

2.The report of the pupils on duty:

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent?

  1. Checking up of the home work.

Ex4. On p140

Comprehenson   check.



                    To introduce the new lesson.

I.look at the slide about international  trade  of  Kazakhstan.


The new words :EXPORT (N) –сыртқа шығарылатын тауар

EXPORT(V)-сыртқа тауар шығару




IMPORT(N)-шеттен әкелінетін тауар

IMPORT(V)-шеттен әкелу


FERROUS-темірден (қара)

NON-FERROUS-түрлі түсті металл




  1. pupils write down the new words in their copybooks

III .work  about computer.

Work about the next.

A)read some more about the foreign trade of Kazakhstan.

b)Find the English equivalents of the following words and phrases in the next above.

c)Match the translation with the English phrases and words.


Pupils read the text.

The first group ask the questions.

The second  group answer the questions.




  1. Discussion about international trade of Kazakhstan.

Work in a poster.

Questions for each other,

  1. Conclusion :write an essay.
  2. Home task: Project work.

My new ideas of the foreign trade of Kazakhstan.

   Evaluation: Pupils should evaluate themselves.

Self assessment.

VII. Reflection: Did you like this lesson?

Was it useful for you?

Now pupils, at the end of our lesson let’s write your opinions for this lesson


The lesson is over!

Good bye!



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