I live in Astana

Module 7 Lesson 12  
Teacher’s name: Baikanova A.K.
Date: 1.03.2023
Grade: 5 Number of people present Number of people absent
The Theme of the lesson I live in Astana
Objectives according to the Curriculum give an opinion at sentence level on a limited  range of general and curricular topics; keep interaction going in basic exchanges on a growing range of general and curricular topics;

Objectives of the lesson All learners will be able to:

Most learners will be able to:

• read a text about Astana.

• answer comprehension questions about the text.

• talk about capital cities around the world.

Some learners will be able to:

Evaluation criteria Identify details in a text with little support

Provide unprepared speech to answer a variety of questions at sentence level with limited flexibility

Level of thinking skills Low order thinking
During the lesson:
The stage of the lesson/timing Actions of the teacher:


Actions of the pupils: Student actions with special educational needs Assessment Resources
The beginning of the lesson/


Greetings (1 min)

The teacher greets students; students respond to greeting and take their places.

Hello, boys and girls! How are you?


Warm up (4 min)

Divede into 5 group

Books closed. Write Astana on the board. Find out if any students have been to the city by asking: When did you go there? What did you do? What did you see? What did you like best?

• If the students are from Astana, ask them about their favourite places in the city.

• Students open their books at page 79. Ask: Do you know the places in the photographs? Elicit students’ answers and write them on the board. Elicit information about these places and Astana


Check the HOME TASK



students respond to greeting and take their places.


1 group:

Esimbek Alikhan

Urazaeva Sultana

Ramazanova Mariam

Manarbek Madi

2 group:

Kasymkan Ayana

Muhtarkhan Mansur

Konkaev Alinur

Berik Asan

3 group:

Zhaksylykov Ali

Muratbekov Dias

Kabylkhan Ayazhan

Erlikuly Eraly

4 group:

Ermekkyzy Zeinep

Erken Zhanel

Mukhtarbekova Tamiris

Kinzhikanova Ardak

5 group:

Nogaibaeva Inabat

Doskhanuly Daryn

Khuantaikyzy Daria

Iksanov Aziz


Home Task






students respond to greeting and take their places.




Students answer the questions and talk on a topic

























All correct answer- 1  points;



















1 point for each correct answer















Book, slide

The middle of the lesson – 35 min 1 • Before students read the text, explain or elicit the meaning of the following vocabulary: apartment (point out that apartment is used in the US, flat in the UK), entertainment feed, tent, museum.

• Ask students to work alone to read the text and answer the questions.

• Students can compare answers in pairs before you check them with the class.


• Help weaker students by showing them how to scan a text to find key words. Scanning refers to reading a text quickly to find specific information. For example, to find the answer to Question 1, students need to scan the text to find ‘Duman Entertainment Centre’.

• After you have checked the answers to the exercise, you can extend the task by asking additional questions to test comprehension. For example: Where in Astana does Alina live? (In the city centre.) Does she live in a house? (No, she doesn’t. She lives in an apartment.) How old is she?

(She is 11.) What grade is she in at school? (In the fifth grade.) Where does she go with her friends? (The Duman Entertainment Centre, the swimming pool at the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre.)



























Digital activity

• Give students time to research a capital city around the world. They should find out about its size and location, things to do and places to visit, and some history and facts about the city.

• In pairs, students then describe the city they researched without naming it, e.g. This city is Europe. It is in the middle of the country. It’s hot in summer and cold in winter. It’s got lots of really interesting museums to visit.

One of them is called El Prado.

• Students try to guess the city their partner describes

Method “GOOGLE”











Method “Fish Bone”






















Students read the text and answer the questions.






Weaker students can read the instructions and follow the plan







Know the new words — 1  points;

Can translate the words — 1 points;



1 group: Түзу сызық \ қағаз

2 group: Дөңгелек \ Сурет салатын тақта

3 group: Параллель \ фломастер

4 group: Түс \ сызғыш

5 group: Бұрыш \ үш бұрышты сызғыш















Students make an online research and share the ideas.




Understand the text — 1 point

Can translate the question — 2 point

Can give a right answer —   1 point

Can write answer correctly — 1 point




Duman Entertainment Centre

Presidental Centre of Culture






Know the words — 2 point

Can  quickly find a word — 1 point










1 point for each correct answer

























Teacher evaluates and guides students











Book, slide


























Book, slide, internet resources









The end of the lesson – 5 min Homework (5 min)

For homework, ask students to research a capital city – this city could be anywhere in the world. Students should use the text on page 79 to help them write a short description of the city. Their description should include the following information: the name of the city, some great places you can visit in that city, and what you can do there. Collect and check students’ descriptions in the next lesson.







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