Every year on December 16, our country celebrates one of the main national holiday — the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, which is forever associated with sacred events in the history of the country! This holiday is important to all Kazakhstanis as a memory of those who defended the independence of the country. It unites everyone who is proud of their country, honors its history, who, with their work and talent, make a daily contribution to the prosperity of their native country. This holiday is rightfully considered as a symbol of freedom and power of our country.

When I take a pen to write about independence, I feel great. Gaining independence was not easy for our dear ancestors. Their love for the state, their passion for the Motherland led us to this day. Thanks to our ancestors and brothers and sisters, we have reached such a peaceful and independent country. It is not enough for us to remember the souls who have tasted the bitter taste of war and left sweet memories, more precious than gold. Because their heroism is for our long-term future. For a happy life. And as a proof of our independent, peaceful life, I can say without hesitation our flag, as well as our coat of arms and anthem. The eagle on our blue flag means that every child growing up in a free state has a bright future. The tulpar and wheat depicted in our emblem, as well as the country with our steppe, tell about friendly people. That is why kokpar is one of the national games of the Kazakh people. Our sacred anthem tells about our life and shows what kind of country we areIt should be noted that we live in a country with its own rules and rights. This is a sign of independence. This year is the twenty-ninth anniversary of our independence. Having reached such a great day, we also have a great responsibility. We live in a free state, we have to pursue dreams, set goals opportunities given to us. We must justify the faith of our ancestors, who spent Their tragic days with us, and become the citizens and citizens they longed for. We must preserve every legacy left by them and pass it on to the next generation. It is mportant that we, like our ancestors, instill in us such valuable qualities as morality, goodness, and culture. I believe that the future they long for must be calized in this independent state. It is a great duty for us to continue their path. such noble souls are no longer with ustheir faith is with us. Now heir unparalleled heroism will remain in the pages of eternal history and in our memory. We will never forget such honorable people. We will always remember their names. Also in their books. We are very grateful to all those who helped to aise our unique flag in the sky, and we will raise our flag to even higher heights. I ope that in the future we will all have deep knowledge and great professions. We will continue to improve our way of life and our independent state. We continue to iscover and develop news. We live by the President’s motto that the future of the Republic of Kazakhstan is in the hands of young people. We live in a way worthy fbeing called the youth of an independent country. We are eternally proud of our ountry and our Motherland!

Today, together with all the Kazakhstan people, we can be proud of the achievements of our country in the field of science, culture, economy, education and sports!
On this significant day, we wish you good health, prosperity and stability! May peace, harmony and mutual understanding be upon you always in your home. Happy Independence Day!

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