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Сабақтың тақырыбы Helping hands
Оқу бағдарламасына сәйкес оқыту мақсаттары 2.UE13 use can / can’t to describe ability, use can to make requests;

2.S3 pronounce basic words and expressions intelligibly.

Сабақтың мақсаты All learners will be able to:

—          make 40% of the sentences with “Can ,can`t”  correctly.

Most learners will be able to:

-make 60 % of the sentences with Can ,can`t”  correctly;

— use ‘can, can’t’ in the speech.

Some learners will be able to

-make all the sentences correctly and use ‘can, can’t’ in the speech.

Сабақтың барысы
Сабақтың кезеңі/ уақыт       Педагогтің әрекеті Оқушының әрекеті Баға-лау Ресурстар




10 minute






15 minute






10 minute





3 minute



Learners are introduced the LOs.

1.Warm up

Revision of shapes.

Ls listen and sing the song about shapes.

2. Revision

Learners play the game on shapes.

T chooses the game according to the needs of Ss: ‘Memory- matching game’,  ‘Revision of shapes, sizes, colours game’.

3. Presentation

[W] Learners are presented the sentences. They have to find out what is similar among them:

+  You can run fast.

You can not run fast.

? Can you run fast?


[W]  Ls revise the formation of the sentences with “can”.

4. Production

[I] Ls have to make sentences using the modal verb ‘can’.

And tell about their abilities: I can…, I can’t… .

5 . Ph. Training

Learners listen to the rap song and read/sing the song using the verb ‘can’ to talk about abilities.

6. Practice

Task 1

Make up the dialogues. Use questions and words.

1. Can I help you?

2. Can I, please, use your pen?

3. Can I, please, have your scissors?

sure here you are sorry I need it

no problem sorry I can’t with pleasure

Descriptor: A learner

• asks and answers questions;

• makes up the dialogue;

• uses topic words;

• pronounces words and expressions clearly.

Learners give feedback to each other. This might be done in oral form.

Learners reflect on their learning:

—       What has been learned

—       What remained unclear

—       What is necessary to work on

H/T: complete the worksheet.

Pupils do the exercise 3












Pupils do the exercise 2



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