National games

Биболова Толкын

The theme of the lesson:National games

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: Providing pupils with information about Kazakh customs, including national identity.

Developing: Increasing students’ interest in the subject by enhancing the vocabulary of the students, and the ability to communicate freely. Development of thinking, memory, expansion of world outlook.

Educative: To encourage students to love their country, land, respect for their traditions, to be enthusiastic and generous


Type of lesson: New lesson

Method of the lesson: Reporting, explanation, question-answer

Lesson Visibility: Slides, videos, themes, handouts, stickers, ship layout, digital.



  1. Organization moment.

— Good afternoon, pupils! I am glad to see you.

— How are you?

— Thank you. Sit down please.

  1. Psychological Situation.

The game «I believe in you».

Children, let’s start our lesson with the exercise «I believe in you» in order to give each other a good mood before the lesson. For that, all of you stand in front of the blackboard and look at one another. And looking at each other’s eyes, say:                                 — I believe in you, because you are clever.

— I believe in you, because you are ……

III. Create a group.

I use three different colors of asyks to separate students into small groups. After the students have separated the asyks, I put the colorful stickers on the ship’s sailboards in three groups. These papers contain the names of the groups.

Group 1: Bayga

Group 2: Kokpar

Group 3: Audaryspak


  1. Check your homework.

To check-up pupil’s homework.Work with poster. Tell about any Kazakh tradition.Homework is evaluated by three appeals.


  1. New Lesson.


1) Video playback by topic.(About Kazakh national traditions and games)


2) The theme of the lesson, the aim of the lesson.


3) Working with new words.

Read the words and practice the pronounciation:

nation – ұлт

national — ұлттық

nomad – көшпенді

to move – көшу

player – ойыншы

rope — арқан

stick – таяқ

bone — сүйек

khantalapai — ханталапай

asyk — асық

ak Sandyk-kok Sandyk  — Ақ сандық – көк сандық

zhasyrynbak  — жасырынбақ

sadak, sadak, kuyrshak – садақ, садақ қуыршақ

sokyrteke — соқыртеке

belbeusok — белбеусоқ

ak suyek — ақсүйек

baltam tap — балтам тап


4) To play the game“Baltam tap”


  1. 3 groups are assigned 3 tasks by Bloom’s Taxonomy (Knowledge, Understanding, Analysis, Use, Assessment, Assessment)


Group 1: Write down what national Kazakh games you know.

Group 2: Read the text and retell what do you understand


«Aksuiek» is a very ancient and interesting game. It was played in warm weather in the summer pasture. Children of different ages and even adults would play this game. when all the players gathered, the leader would divide them into two teams. At the end of the game they would sum up. The winner would be that team who many times would bring aksuiek to the target. Those who lose the game would sing songs and dance as a penalty.

That game begins this way. First of all the leader shows aksuiek it may be a thigh bone. He explains that both teams would seek this very bone, then he would throw it. Then gives a sign to look for that bone. Everybody would rush to seek. If they notice that somebody found it, they would prevent him from coming first. Everyone wants to come first to the target with aksuiek. Some young people take advantage. They would pretend looking for aksuiek, but they’ d walk with beautiful ladies, talk about love, nature, but the main idea of this game is to cheer up people, to make them joyful..

Group 3: Look at the picture and create a conversation.


  1. The refreshing moment.

Solve the rebus on the blackboard. The word «National games» should be issued.

VII. Assert the lesson.

Through the method  «Casket of Questions».

1.What is Altybakan?

2.When do we play altybakan?

3.What is «sticks»?

  1. In what part of the day do the young people gather near the altybakan?
  2. How many sticks is used to construct altybakan?
  3. Who plays kokpar, gils or boys?
  4. Translate the words white and bone. What is this?
  5. Is Aksuiek a very ancient game?
  6. Do people play Altybakan and Aksuiek in winter.
  7. Which of the Kazakh national games is played on horseback? Name them.

11.Did you like Kazakh national games?

  1. Did you ever ride a horse?
  2. Did you like the game “Baltam tap”?
  3. Wish us best wishes.
  4. What is the theme of our lesson?

VIII. Conclusion.

Homework: Learn new words and write a short essay on «National Games».


  1. I learned today ….
  2. I was amazed …
  3. It was hard for me ….


Write down gull’s insights your opinion on the lesson and hang on the boat.


The lesson is over. Good bye!

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