Writing an email


Date: 01.01 Teacher name: Ramankul N.A.





Grade: 5 Number present:  12 absent:
Theme of the lesson: Writing an email
Lesson objectives 5.R2  understand with little support specific information and detail in short, simple texts on a limited range of general and curricular topics

5.W3  write with  support factual descriptions at text level which describe people, places and objects

Learning  objectives All learners will be able to: make a plan and write an email with support

Most learners will be able to: make a plan with support and write an email

Some learners will be able to: make a plan by yourself and write an email using appropriate language


Success criteria Learners can make a plan and write structural email. 
Planned timings Teacher’s activities Pupil’s activities Strategies Resources

3 min.







Organizational moment:

Teacher greets students. Good morning dear children! How are you today? Who is absent today?

Checks the students’ presence. Asks about date and day of the week.

Teacher divides students into two groups.

And introduces rules in group work.

— Respect each other’s ideas

— Respect the other group members

— Don’t interrupt each other

— Everyone’s opinion should count

— Help each other to understand all concepts

— Keep an open mind

Be happy in the group you are in.

Students respond to greeting and take their places.




Students choose color and team according to chosen color.


«The praise» method is used to evaluate students with phrases like – Good job! Well done!  








Planned timings Teacher’s activities


Pupil’s activities Strategies Resources

3 min







5 min





3 min












5 min













3 min


















2 min




5 min








7 min


Techer shows a rebus asks learners to guess lesson’s theme.


Teacher introduces lesson objectives.



Checking previous theme.

Teacher checks their previous knowledge about adjectives using Quizziz platform. 



Teacher asks students some brainstorming questions:

·       What did we use to write an email earlier?

·       How long did it take to receive an email?

“KazPost” is the national postal operator in the Republic of Kazakhstan which provides a full range of postal and financial services throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan including all cities and settlements.


Teacher asks students to open their books.

Then teacher introduces new words for learners.

·       Unusual- ерекше

·       Acting- актерлік шеберлік

·       Subjects-пәндер

·       Drama lesson- театр өнері сабағы

·       Design- дизайн

·       Fantastic-таңғажайып


Teacher asks students to read the text.


After reading teacher asks some questions according to the text in order to check their understanding.

1.     What’s the name of the school?

2.     How old are the students?

3.     How many teachers are there?

4.     What time does school finish every day?

5.     How many subjects does Anna have?

6.     How often does she have a drama class?

Assessment criteria: Answer is accepted if students:

-use correct grammar

-use appropriate vocabulary

-have a correct pronunciation



Teacher provides warming up activity.



After teacher illustrates a game on interactive board. And introduces the criteria.

Assessment criteria:

 Any other answers are acceptable if the answer is clear, precise and grammatically correct.


Teacher gives instructions and shows a plan of writing an email.

Assessment criteria:

Any other answers are acceptable if sentences describe place and are written grammatically correct. 1 point for 2 grammatically correct sentences.


Teacher asks groups prepare a question to each other about the topic.


Students guess the theme of the lesson

Students accept lesson objectives.


Learners complete the test choosing correct answer. 


Students answer questions.

Possible answers:

-using feather and paper

-about 2-3 days or a week






Students look through new words and write it down on copybooks.








Learners read the text one by one.

Learners answer questions raising hands. Answers:

1.Carlton Arts School.

2.from 11 to 18.

3.40 teachers.

4.ten subjects.

5.every day.









Learners follow the instruction.


Learners choose cells with score and answer the questions.






Students in group write an email to their friend about their school.




Then learners rate each other and exchange with smiles.













Question and answer






























































Quizziz platform

















SB p.61 ex.1







































5 min.

Reflection and Feedback .

Name 3 colors

Green- fully understand

Yellow-partially understand

Red- couldn’t understand


1.     Teacher assets ss for homework and todays lessens and gives Hometask

H/t:  Make a plan and write an email to your friend about your favourite subject at school.


Ss raise the color they choose and captains tell their opinion and rate members. Stickers  and  comments  
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