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Unit 1. Our Class School: 234
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Class: 6a Number present:     absent:
Theme of the Lesson: The woman who lived in a tree

UOE: Past Simple

Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to 6.2.5 understand most specific information and detail of supported, extended talk on a range general and curricular topics

6.6.9 use appropriately  an increased variety of present and past simple active and some passive forms on a growing range of familiar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives ü  To understand the context to guess meanings of words.

ü  To understand some main points in a talk.

ü  To understand some specific information in a talk.

ü  To use Past Simple correctly

Assessment criteria ü  A learner can use present and past tenses

ü  A learner can express their opinion with extensive reasoning.

ü  A learner can understand the context and deduce meanings of words accurately.

Value links Honesty, learners will share the activities that they did

Cooperation, learners will recognize from the text that support and cooperative work can save our planet.

Cross curricular links Biology, as the text discusses environmental issues caused and there are some topic related terms
Previous learning Schools around world
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Organizational moment


Teacher presents the lesson objectives, explains students what they would be able to do by the end of this lesson.

1.Warming-up. Remembering Yesterday

1. Tear a piece of paper into six pieces.
2. Write the following topics (one on each strip).
Wake Up « Clothing « Activities « Food «People Bedtime.
3. Place the strips of paper into a container (hat/box/bucket/bag).
4. Tell the students they need to think back to yesterday.
5. Choose one student (Student A) to pull out a slip of paper from the container.
6. Student A reads the word out loud and then poses a question about yesterday to a classmate (Student B) based on the prompt.
7. Student B responds using the simple past tense.

Allow the class to shout out the past tense verb if the student who is answering doesn’t know it. Put the slip of paper back in the container and repeat! Be sure that all students are given a turn to ask and respond to a question. If none of the students know the verb in the past tense, write the word on the board. You could also have the whole class shout “regular” or “irregular” right after the question is asked.


Lily chooses a paper from the container that says “Wake up!”

Lily: “What time did you wake up yesterday, Max?”

Max: “I woke up at 9.00 yesterday”

Max chooses “Clothing”

Max: “What did you do yesterday, Anna?”

Anna pauses and looks a bit puzzled.

Class: Irregular! Wore!

Anna: I wore blue jeans and a green sweater.






























2. Focus on reading

Students read the text and answer the questions.

a)Look at the photos and the title of the text. Why do you think the woman is in the tree? Read the text quickly to check your ideas. (See English in mind 1

(Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks) Module 2, Unit 5  page 50)

b)Students read the text quickly to check their answer. Did anyone in the class get the answers right?

Answer:She wanted to stop the company from cutting down the tree and surrounding trees

c)Look at the first question with the whole class. Ask students what kind of information the question is asking for and give prompts if necessary ( how tall the tree is, where it is, how old it is) Students answer the questions individually , before checking with a partner.


1. It was 70 m tall, and 1000 years old. It was a redwood tree in California.

2. Two years and eight days

3. Her friends cooked food for her

4.She talked on a mobile phone

5. The company which wanted to cut down the forest. They sent a big helicopter that flew near her tree-house and made a lot of noise/wind.

3. (FA)Grammar practice

Teacher presents short video about past simple. Learners will watch a video and they should take notes if necessary.

Exercise 1. What’s the word?

Write the word under the pictures.


1.Fish   2. Go fishing  3. Car  4. Motorbike  5. Boot 6.pull

Exercise 2. Choose the answer. Watch the video and circle the correct answer.


a)yes  b) fishing  c) a boot  d) John e) by motorbike

Exercise 3. What’s the order.

Put the words in the correct order to make questions about last weekend.


a)Where did you go?

B)What did you do?

c)What did you eat?

d)What did you see?

e)Who did you go with?

f)Did you have fun?

Exercise 4. Write and draw.

Children ask a friend or family member the questions in exercise 3, then write about their weekend and draw a picture.

Note: In Handout 3 you can see the answers of all above exercises.

Focus on listening

Ask you learners to watch Little Red Riding Hood to learn how to use Past Simple in short stories.




Handout 1

English in mind 1

(Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks) Module 2, Unit 5  page 50)
















Handout 2























At the end of the lesson, learners reflect on their learning:

Ø  When do we use Past Simple?

Ø  What is the auxiliary verb of Past Simple?

Ø  What auxiliary verbs are used in third person for Present Simple Tense?

DIFFERENTIATION – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Divide learners into differentiated teams and let weaker learners speak and give more time to think

ASSESSMENT – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Monitoring learners’ speaking, cooperation in the team and sharing opinions.

Health and safety rules

Any possible safety rules can be caused during the lesson


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