Parks around the world

Unit 5: Extra reading/ Schools School-lyceum: №22
Date: Teacher’s  name: F.G.Alshinbaeva
CLASS: 6 G Number present: 14 absent:
Lesson title: Parks around the world Reading about Parks and describing
Learning objective s(s) that   this lesson is contributing to (link to the Subject programme)   5S7 use appropriate  subject –specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about limited  range of general topics

5.R6  recognize the attitude or opinion of the texts on a limited range of general  and curricular topics

5.W6 link, with support ,sentences  into coherent paragraphs using basis connectors  on a limited   range of familiar general  topics

5C4 evaluate  and respond constructively to feedback  from others

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:

—          to read the short texts. Write sentences with support

Most learners will be able to:

—          to read and understand the short text. Write sentences without support  .

Some learners will be able to: 

to write more detail sentences. Read and speak specific information

Assessment criteria Learners achieve objectives,  if they can:

-Read and understand with some support the text

-Write  short sentences.

-Pronounce words, phrases and simple sentences intelligibly

make up sentences into coherent paragraphs using basis connectors

 Values links Picture Sticker Parks
 Cross-curricular links  Kazakh
Previous learning  They know meaning of the words daily routine and dialogue can be formed
Planned timings Planned activities (replace the notes below with  your planned activities) Resources

(3 minute)





























Lesson Opening & Warm-Up


Ø  Greet learners. Have them take their places

Ø  Warm-up.
Teacher asks students  make circle and say the good wishes.

Ø  Divided into 2 groups

Ø  Teacher introduces lesson objectives to the students.

Ø  Teacher introduces assessment criteria to the learners

Ø  Lead in.



Checking up home-work F.T



Teacher shows presentation of different kind of Parks


-So, what is theme of our lesson?

-Our new theme is “Parks


Task 1.Introduction with  new words


Task 2. Reading. Group work.

Open your books at page 73 and read the text.

1-st gr. Read the text Babbacombe Model village. 2-nd gr. Almaty central park.


Ifyou have finished to read lets do the tasks.

1.      Task3  .work with poster poster  take this poster and draw a picture what did you understand  then come to the black hung up the picture and describe it. Each group assess your work . Traffic light.

Descriptor: A learner-    work with text          —speak about  the text






(2 minute)













(4 minute)





Task 4. Pair work.  The groups make true or false sentences

Descriptor: A learner   — read the short text

-answer   at least true or false sentences about the  text .

Task 5. Individual work.Match the words. Assess yourself with figures. 

Attraction              жану

Miniature               шағын

Ride                         жасырылған

Light up                   жәрмеңке алаңы

Hidden                   қыдыру

Fairground          уағдаластық

Arrangement       аттракцион

Task 6. Warm-up

Task 7.

Solve the puzzle.Group work . Each group assess your work


Task 8 Complete the sentences.

There is a piece of picture you must complete the sentences and hung it up on the blackboard.



Flip charts, fibers, coloured pencils, stickers, glue, coloured papers, small pictures, textbook.







End (3 minute) All learners wrote your opinions Reflection What a happy day today

If they like the lesson, they will get stickers to apple tree



Additional information
Differentiation can be achieved through task 4 all learners learned new words, some learners make up sentence and most learners using to in life. Feedback. If you like the lesson and do all correctly, select the yellow sticker. If you have difficulty carrying out the tasks during the lesson, select a purple sticker.










Health saving technologies.

Using physical exercises and active activities.

Evalution  The secret assessment
Hometask  SA for the term


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