Things we do on the Internet


Unit of a long term plan School: School-lyceum №279 named by E.Kosherbayev
Date: Teacher’s name: Utegenova Meiramgul Zaitunovna
Grade: 7 Number present: absent: 1
Lesson title Things We Do on the Internet
Learning objectives understand with little support most specific information in extended talk on a limited range of general and curricular topics give an opinion at discourse level on a growing range of general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives ·         Make up simple interrogative sentences to get information about the topic and ask questions

·         Identify the difference between facts and opinions in short, simple texts

Planned timings Planned activities Learners’ activities Evaluation Resources



-Good afternoon!

-How are you?

What date is it today?

-What is the weather like today?

Learners answer the teacher’s questions    

(Speaking – whole class work)

Name the things you see on the picture



Learners discuss the picture and name the things they see






points from 1 to 10 slide
Main part

(Speaking and Listening — pair work)

 Task 1

Discuss in pairs which things you do on the internet.

Task 2

-Tell about your partner



Task 3

-Listen to the audio and define what men and women do on the internet.





Learners make dialogues asking each other questions










Learners tell what their partners do on the internet


Learners listen, put notes on their papers and then discuss as a whole class with the teacher



(Reading — individual work) Task 4

-to match the pictures with the given posts

Learners work individually and then coincide the statements with pictures points from 1 to 10 pictures
Speaking – group work -to prepare posts according to the given pictures Learners write sentences and present to the whole class applaud,

oral correction of mistakes


(Speaking — Vocabulary)


Method “A snow ball”

-Ask each other questions while throwing the ball Pupils throw the ball to each other and ask and answer the questions



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