Art 1 Grade 5

Unit 5: Creativity School: №17
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Grade: 5 Number present: Number absent:
Theme of the lesson: Art 1

Talking and writing about paintings and buildings and finding out about colours and shapes.

Learning objectives a sequence of supported classroom instructions  understand the main points of supported extended talk on a  range of general and curricular  topics  use a growing variety of adjectives and  regular and irregular comparative and superlative adjectives on a limited range of familiar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives  All learners will be able to use the main points of supported advanced communication on a range of general and curricular topics

Most learners will be able to explain and compare using vocabulary of general topic

Some learners will be able to apply the rule for comparative and superlative adjectives

 Assessment criteria Identify common classroom commands with support

Identify the main information of a talk using supporting


Apply the rule for comparative and superlative adjectives

Previous learning colours
Planned timings


Planned activities Learners’ activities Assessment Resources

5 min

Org. moment: Greeting learners

Warm-up: The aim of this warm-up repeat name of thing around us.

What is it?

Teacher chooses some pictures of object that are familiar to learners.  Teacher shows learners a small portion of the picture. Get them to guess what the picture might be.

Dividing into subgroups using difference shapes  and color of figure

Learners will listen in audio about the wonder of the world and their forms (circle, rectangle, square, semicircle and triangle).  

30 min

Task 1 Work in groups (S+S)

After listening learners are asked to fill the gaps to complete the sentences.

1st group makes up the  questions

2nd group complete the sentence by sticking shapes


Inner Circle, Outer Circle

This a variation on Think Pair Share. Rather than keeping the same partner for each topic, pairings change with each question. Divide the class in half and form two circles, one inside the other.

After a question has been answered and shared, have the inner circle rotate so that everyone gets a new partner.

Task 2 Work in pairs (S+S)

Make up a dialogue using comparative and superlative adjectives in pairs.


Task 3 Work in groups

Look at the picture and make up sentences using comparative adjectives of general topic.



Task 4 Work in groups

Two groups will be given colored and different shapes of figures to make up something and protect their creation.


Learners make and answer the questions




Learners in the inner circle talk with learners in the outer circle.









Learners make up a dialogue





make up sentences using comparative and superlative adjectives



use the different shapes of figure

make up something

protect work


In correct answer – 1 point

























Sheets of paper


Shapes of figures


Hand signals


5 min


At the end of the lesson, students reflect on:

— what they learned

— what remained unclear for them

— what they need to continue working on by the «Traffic lights»

Home task: Ex: 2 at page 58 Read the text and answer the questions. Who’s Harry Potter? How are these creatures related to him?

Saying goodbye





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