«Funny English» тақырыбындағы 7 сыныпқа арналған сабақ жоспары

Term: 3
Unit 6.
Natural disasters
School: №34


Date: 11.03.2021 Teacher’s name: Zhumabekova A.Zh.
Grade: 7 Number present:                               Number absent:
Theme of the lesson: Funny English
Platform Google Meet
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to use feedback to set personal learning  objectives the main points in a limited  range of short simple texts on general and curricular topics


Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:
·        use feedback by support

·        applies topical vocabulary

Most learners will be able to:
·        read and understand the verbs

·        apply feedback with some support

Some learners will be able to:
·        to discuss and answer the questions

·        use feedback without support

Assessment criteria ·        analyze and answer the questions

·        use feedback

·        read and understand the verbs

·        give their own opinions

Level of thinking skills ·        Comprehension

·        Analyze

·        Evaluation

Language objectives Topical vocabulary: flood, avalanche, thunder and lightning, tornado, cartoon, news and weather, soap opera, sports programme, fashion show
Cross curricular links Russian, Kazakh languages
Planned time Planned activities Recourse
3 min

1. Greeting
T: — Good morning children?
— How are you?

Google Meet






6 min


















9 min









9 min













3 min






5 min






























Pre reading task

1. (W) Brainstorming
Task 1.

Look at the pictures and say which of these phenomena are/are not common in your country.





By support

— teacher supports learners when guessing the words


(I) Task 2. Word Wall.

Learners spin the drums through the cell phone screen and answer grammatical questions.

Teacher pays attention to students pronunciation


FA: «Thumb up, thump down»


 (I) Task 3. Games World.

Pupils complete an assignment on the Past Tense. Learner identifies verbs and reads words.

Assessment criteria Descriptor
—  read and understand the verbs
-give their own opinions
— answer the questions
A learner:
— identifies the verbs

— analyzes and answers the questions


FA: «Three claps and fireworks».


(W) Activity: «Sounds of Nature».

Students relax and listen to the sounds of nature


(W) Task 4. «Association».

 Students write the word combinations according to the pictures. Children repeat the material they have covered.





Assessment criteria Descriptor
— use range of word combinations
— write words accuracy in spelling
A learner:
— applies topical vocabulary
— writes word in right spelling

less able learner identify the words by support more able learners. More able learners find word combination without support.












Pictures from





































Pictures from

















5 min
(I) Reflection.
Positive or negative feedback



Picture from  Google



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