Comparing the systems of education in Great Britain & Kazakhstan

Рахимберлина Н. С.

The  aims  of the  lesson:  1. Talking  about   the  schools, the  typical day  at  school, the uniforms  of the schools  in England. Comparing them with the schools in Kazakhstan.

  1. To develop the pupils’ grammar habits
  2. To develop the pupils’ abilities in speech
  3. To bring up the feelings of love towards the education.

The plan of the lesson:

  1. moment
  2. Phonetic practice
  3. Answering the questions about the schools inEngland.
  4. Comparing British and Kazakh educational system (Venn’s diagram)
  5. Introducing  with  the  typical  school  day,  uniform  and  school  vacations of British  pupils.
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of the school day, vacations, uniform.

VII. Test

VIII. Conclusion task

  1. Home task
  2. Giving   marks, end of the lesson.

The procedure of the lesson:

           I.Org. moment

T:  Good morning dear guests  and  pupils. I’m glad  to see  you  at  my  lesson. You  are  welcome!  Who  is  on  duty today?  Who  is  absent?  What  date  and  day  is  it today? Today  we’ll  speak about  schools  in  England, compare  them  with  the  schools in  Kazakhstan and  introduce  with  the typical  school  day, school  uniform, school vacations in  England.


  1. Phonetic  practice.

T:  At  the  beginning of  the  lesson let’s read have some phonetic practice and read the poem . Now  who  wants  read  the poem?

I feel  scared

I feel  excited

It’s  a  whole  new  situation

I’ve  got my  future

To  think  about

After  school  graduation

I feel  scared

I feel  excited

I have  got  a  lot  on my  mind

Going   away  from  my school

Going  away  from  home

And  the  friends  all  left  behind

Decisions ,  decisions

I  don’t  know

What  I’m  going  to  do

I’ve  got  my  whole  life

Ahead  of  me

When  I  graduate  from  school

Decisions,  decisions

And  college   applications

Where  do  I  go  after  school?

And  what  will  I  do ?

For  my  future  occupation.

T: About  what  is  this  poem? (Pupils answer  the questions)

Where  do  you  want to  go after 9th  form?  Do  you want  to  stay  at  school  or  go  to the  college?

III. Brainstorming .  Answering  the  questions  about  the  schools  in England.

T:  We  have read  about  the  schools  in  England and  now  let’s  answer the  questions  about them.

Questions :

  1. At  what  age  do  the  pupils  go to  school  in  England?
  2. What  types  of  schools  are  there in England?
  3. How  much  per cent of  children  go  to state  and  private  schools?
  4. How  long do  the  pupils  stay  at  infant  school and  what  do  they  learn there?
  5. What  school do  they  go to after  infant  school? How  many  years  do  they  study there? And  what  subjects?
  6. Describe  comprehensive   school.
  7. What  can  you  say  about  grammar school?
  8. What  do  the pupils  do  at  the  age  of  16?

T: Thank  you.  I am glad  that you  know all about  the  schools  in  England. And  now  let’s  compare  them  with  the  educational  system in Kazakhstan.

  1. Comparing  British  and  Kazakh educational system  (Venn’s  diagram) 


Great Britain

V. Introducing  with  the  typical  school  day,  uniform  and  school  vacations of  British  pupils.

T: Now  first  let’s  divide  into  3  groups , because  I’ll  give  you   texts  about  school  day, school  vacations   and  school  uniforms.  At  the  top  of  the  text  there are  some  new  words,  first  introduce  with  them  , then  read the  text  and  try  to  understand. After  that  you’ll  do  the  tasks  given  below  the text.

The typical  school  day  in  England

The new  words:  registration  —  тіркелу


Pray- сыйыну

Snack- жеңіл  тамақ

a break- үзіліс

Our School starts at 8:55 with registration.

At 9:10 we go to assembly. In assembly we sing songs, listen to a story and pray.

Our first lesson begins at 9:20.

We have break time from 10:20 until 10:35. During break time, the children have a snack and play games out doors.

Afterwards, we go back in for another lesson until lunch at 12:00.

Afternoon lessons begin at 1:10 and end at 3:15, when the children go home.

We do not have a break in the afternoon.

The  task:   Complete  the  sentences

  1. Our  school  day  starts at  ………….
  2. In ………. we sing songs, listen to a story and pray.
  3. During  the  break time  they  have…….  and  ……..   outdoors.

   A school uniform in England

The new  words:  require –  талапету

school  logo – мектепбелгісі

choice – таңдау

term —  тоқсан

Most school in England require children to wear a school uniform.

The uniform

Long grey or black trousers (shorts may be worn in the Summer)
White Shirt
School tie (optional in most primary schools)
Jumper or sweater with the school logo on. The color is the choice of the schools.
Black shoes


Girls may wear skirts
During the summer term girls often wear summer school dresses.

The  task : True  or  false  sentences

  1. Boys  wear  long  grey or  black  trousers, white  shirt and  school  tie.
  2. Girls  wear  black  trousers  too.
  3. Pupils  wear  shorts  and  summer  dresses .

         The  school vacations  in England

The new  words:  vacation –каникул



State schools in England are closed on national holidays and at weekends.

English schools have three terms (semesters), separated by vacations.

The summer vacation lasts for about 6 weeks from July 20 to September 4; winter and spring vacation both last two weeks, from December 21 to around January 6 and March 25 to around April 5.

The new school year starts in September, at the end of summer vacation.

The three terms are:
Autumn Term: September to December
Spring Term: January to April
Summer Term: April to July.

The  task :  Agree  or  disagree.

  1. English  schools  have four  terms.
  2. Their  summer  vacations  lasts  for  3  months.
  3. Winter  and  spring  vacations last two  weeks.


  1. Advantages  and  disadvantages  of  the school day,  vacations, uniform.

T:  You have  read  about  school  day, school  vacations, school  uniform  of  English  pupils

and  now let’s speak  about  advantages  and  disadvantages of  school  day, school  vacations, school  uniform  of  English  pupils.

Advantages                                                     Disadvantages

1.School  uniforms  are  nice                            1. School  year  is  long

2.School  day  is  longer                                   2.  School  vacations  are  short

3.Go  to  school  earlier at the  age of    5        3. They  study  in  July  when it’s  very  hot.

  1. They  get GCSE exams  at the  age of 16

VII. Test

  1. Nobody ___  to  school  on Sundays.
  2. a)     Go        b) is  going   c)  have  done   d) goes
  3. I  am  interested  ___  mathematics  and  English.
  4. a)     On      b) in   c) at    d)  with
  5. In  English  children  go to school  between the ages _____
  6. a)     7-17 years     b)  5-16 years    c) 6-18 years    d)  4-16 years
  7. In  Britain  children  have to  pass a  selection  test to  get _____   school.
  8. a)     Comprehensive   b)  grammar    c)  private    d)  primary
  9. Private  schools  are  very  _____
  10. a)      Expensive   b) noisy   c) cheap  d)  interesting
  11. Children  like ______   languages.
  12. a)     Is  learning   b)  are  learn     c)  learning     d)  to  learn
  13. Children   in  Kazakhstan  _____  at  the   age  of  17-18
  14. a)      Have  left    b)  are  leaving     c)   leave    d)  leaves
  15. The  man  ____   is  reading  a  book  is  my  brother.
  16. a)      What   b)  which    c)  who    d)  whom
  17. _______   project  is  good.
  18. a)     This  student   b) this  student’s     c) this  students’    d) this
  19. Knowledge   ___   power.
  20. a)      Are   b)  is   c) has    d)   is  being

VIII. Conclusion  task.

T: Now  let’s  do  conclusion   task.  Look  at the  board  and  translate   and   find the  words.

  1. Compulsory-
  2. A  person  who  works  at  school-
  3. A  person  who  studies  at  school-
  4. Primary  school-
  5. We   are  studying  at ______
  6. Schoolchildren  often  don’t  like  their ______
  7. A screen  where  we  find  today’s  lesson –
  8. School   logo-
  9. Pupils  like  to  have _________
  10. A  school  in  Britain where  pupils  have  a  selection  test  to  enter –
  11. Home  task

At   home  please  write  an  essay  on  theme: “My   school”

Describe   your  school , school  day,  uniform, vacations.

  1. Giving   marks, end of the lesson.

T:  You   worked  actively  today. Thank  you for  your work  and  your  marks …..

The  lesson  is  over .  Good  bye.






  1. Nobody ___ to school on Sundays.
  2. a)     Go        b) is going   c) have done   d) goes
  3. I am interested ___ mathematics and English.
  4. a) On      b) in   c) at    d) with
  5. In English children go to school between the ages _____
  6. b)    7-17 years     b) 5-16 years    c) 6-18 years    d) 4-16 years
  7. In Britain children have to pass a selection test to get _____ school.
  8. a)     Comprehensive   b) grammar    c) private    d) primary

5.Private schools are very  _____

  1. b)     Expensive   b) noisy   c) cheap d) interesting

6.Childrenlike______   languages.

  1. a)     Is learning   b) are learnc) learning     d) to learn
  2. Children   in Kazakhstan _____ at the   age of 17-18
  3. a) Have  left    b)  are  leaving     c)   leave    d)  leaves

8.The  man  ____   is  reading  a  book  is  my  brother.

  1. a) What   b) which    c) who    d) whom

9._______   project is good.

a)This student   b) this student’s     c) this students’    d) this

10.Knowledge   ___   power.

  1. a) Are   b) is   c) has    d)   is being

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