Travel and Tourism

School:  “School -lyceum №3 named after ShokhanUalikhanov”

Unit:8 Travel and Tourism
Teacher’s name: Bukumbayeva G.T.
Date: 13/04/2023
Grade:9 Numberpresent: absent:
Theme of the lesson: Culture. The New Seven Wonders of the World
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to: — use a range of familiar and unfamiliar paper and digital reference resources to check meaning and extend understanding develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion; explain and justify their own point of view on a range of general and curricular topics; use talk or writing as a means of reflecting on and exploring a range of perspectives on the world.

Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to:C -Ss

-read the text and identify specific information;

— do the matching the vocabulary with their definitions;

— understand, know all vocabulary on how  to use different words about seven wonders of the world;

Most learners will be able to:B -Ss

-answer the question about the topic and can give a short speech;

-do all exercises, match the words with the definition and translate;

Some learners will be able to:А-Ss

analyze the information about the seven wonders of the world;

-use specific verbs , adjectives to describe about places;

— explain and justify their own point of view supporting with arguments.

Assessment criteria:



Assessment criterion and descriptors for reading

Criterion: read the text and identify specific information


•      most of the questions must be answered correctly

•      answers should be precise and clearly written

Assessment criterion and descriptors for speaking

Criterion: explain and justify his/her point of view


A student:

•      provides full sentences

•      provides arguments to substantiate his/her opinion

•      provides examples to illustrate arguments

Value links:



Respect other cultures and history.Develop skills of respect for students opinion, global citizenship,transparency, life – long learning, create friendly atmosphere.


Research question:  

Development of students speaking skills through level tasks


Cross-curricular links: Geography, History.
ICT skills: Work with online dictionaries and use interactive board during the lesson.
Previous lesson: Third conditional





Part of the lesson/Time Teacher’s activity Student’s activity Assessment Resources
Beginning of the lesson









«Quiz» method

3 min.


Teacher greets the students

Psychological climate

The dice has 6 sides with different actions as: Smile, hug, handshaking, dance.





Revision of previous lessons materials with quiz.


One person from the group roll the action cube.

Ss should do this together.







Ssfrom each group come to the board and choose correct halves of the sentence.

Revise grammar connected with  previous lesson

Aim:Revise the previous lessons material.

Efficiency: Ss refresh their mind before starting new theme.

Differentiation:  “nonverbal support”

There are sentences in Third conditional. Ss choose their correct halves of the sentences.











Answer correctly for the quiz tasks.



Total: 1 point for 1 right answer


Encourage Ss who answer the questions


















Middle of the lesson

Critical thinking

5 min
























Pre reading task.


5 min.





























While reading task

3 min






T shows different pictures on the board (old seven wonders) and Ss recognize them.

T asks leading questions.

—          Do you know what are these places?

—          Do you know any of the places that were on the picture?

—          Do you know where are they located?


So how do you think the topic of our lesson ?

Let`s read our lessons aims for today. I hope we will get to it. And you have assessment paper do not forget to write your point here.


Students watch the videoabout the New Seven Wonders of the worldand asks leading questions.

—          What did you see?

—          Do you agree with changing old seven wonders to new ones?

I will give you today`s lessons new vocabulary. Listen and repeat.

T presents the new vocabulary:

1.Icon -Икона

2. Spectacles- представление

3. Hostile- враждебный

4.Succession- правоприемство

5. Abandoned- брошенный

6. Flourished- разцветал

7. Carved- вырезанный

8. Bury- хоронить


Magic hat method.

Let`s try to remember new vocabulary and check it with magic hat. Please take one word from it.

T revises new vocabulary and invites some students to the board.

T divides into three groups: Great Wall(China), TahMahal(India), Chichen Itza(Mexico).













Give Ss time to read the text

that they were given andunderline the specific information to do true or false task in pairs. Fast finishers answer the following questions.


Ss answer the following questions and determine the topic of the lesson.


All learners will be able to:Ss-C

-know the vocabulary and understand the topic of the lesson.

Most learners will be able to:Ss-B

Answer the questions

Some learners will be able to:Ss-A

-can compare wonders and give a short speech.



Aim:to determine the purpose of the lesson and compare the old seven wonders to new one.

Efficiency: to develop critical thinking

Differentiation:verbal support










All learners will be able to:


-repeat after the T and write down the new vocabulary on their copybooks.

Most learners will be able to: Ss-B

-read the definition.

Some learners will be able to: Ss-A

-give an example.



Aim: fix the vocabulary through the game.

Efficiency:develop the short memory

Differentiation:verbal support




















All learners will be able to:


-read and understand the text.

Most learners will be able to: Ss-B

— do the true or false task.

Some learners will be able to: Ss-A

-analyze the information .


Aim:read the text and identify specific information.

Efficiency: find specific information through scan reading

Differentiation:verbal support



-answer the questions

1 point

























pronounce words correctly

— find right translation

1 point for right answer
























Do correctly the true or false task

1 point for 2correct answers.







































Students Book





























Students Book






















5 min


Ss demonstrate the culture of their given nation.

Our groups prepare some additional materials about their culture and country.




  1 point for right speech





Post reading task

10 min









Right now let`s try to match the words with their definition.

T use a site LearningApps  to check Ss understanding of the vocabulary with task match the new words to the definitions.



The Interview

We have a journalist from magazine ‘Wonderful World’and she wants to ask some questions and check your knowledge about the world`s wonderful places.

To check the understanding of the text, Which place or thing?



Ss from each group come to the board and do the matching task.







Ss  answer quickly to the questions correctly.


All learners will be able to:


-do the matching task , understand the questions

Most learners will be able to: Ss-B

-give short answers for interview questions .

Some learners will be able to: Ss-A

-answer the following and additional questions correctly.


Aim:to consolidate information in a text

Efficiency:develop  their critical skills and speaking skills.

Differentiation: verbal support


-correct answer

Total: for each correct answer 1point



Students Book






«Make a fairy tale» method

7 min


T gives pictures to the groups and Ss should make their fairy tale by using it. Then demonstrate it to the class.











Ss use the pictures and make their own fairy tale.

All learners will be able to:Ss-C

-know  the vocabulary and use it.

Most learners will be able to:Ss-B

Can make a sentence with pictures.

Some learners will be able to:Ss-A

-give ideas and make a correct sentences.




-Creativity 1 point

— Speech 1 point


Ss choose the most interesting fairy tale as a winner.





End of the lesson.





5 min.

T asksquestions to students.

1.      Imagine you could choose one of the seven wonders to go and see. Which one would it be and why?

2.      Think of two things from your country that you could campaign to be included in a list of seven wonders of the world. Give reasons to support your choice.

T gives feedback stickers to Ss.

T ask students to total their points.

Homework is to present to the class seven wonders of Kazakhstan.

T gives the gifts for students.


Sstake the stickers and put it on the Chichen Itza poster, on the right floor.

Ground floor I have some questions and need some help.

In the middle , I understand the lesson and have some questions.

On the top,  I like the lesson and achieve the aim.

Aim: To know how many Ss got the theme.

Efficiency:To make appropriate modifications that would enhance students’ learning engagement and performance


«Conclusion» method is used to finish the lesson.

Ss evaluate each other and encourage classmate with phrases like:

Well done! Brilliant! Good job! I like it!









Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners? Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning? Health and safety check
ICT links
Teacher circulates the room

constantly offering support to

weaker students

and encouraging stronger students to

think of more complex, abstract thoughts.

The teacher and students will give brief feedback.


ICT links

Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic? Did all learners achieve the LO?

If not, why?

Did my planned differentiation work well?

Did I stick to timings?

What changes did I make from my plan and why?

Use the space below to reflect on your lesson. Answer the most relevant questions from the box on the left about your lesson. 




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