Why Journalism?


Kazakh National University named after Al Farabi, Faculty of Journalism

One of the most important moments in the life of every person is the moment of defining a calling. Before choosing a profession, think about what this activity gives you. Why journalism? This is an interesting and demanded profession in the modern world. A journalist is a man of the world: for him there are no boundaries either on land, or in water, or in the air. We turn on the TV and see reports from Earth’s hot spots, interviews from Air Force One…, find answers to many questions while reading the morning paper. We learn how the country breathes and lives. And she lives so diversely that every day thousands of reporters fly in airplanes so that in a few hours we know what is happening. Thanks to their sleepless nights and early coffee, we do not stay away from the breath of the Earth. Firstly, in journalism you can realize your creative potential, because you need to write an interesting text that will interest the reader, be able to convey everything that the journalist wanted and had to say. People in this profession often have to speak in public, which means the development of public speaking, eloquence and communication skills.

Secondly, journalism is an opportunity to meet interesting people, and new acquaintances are the acquisition of new knowledge, experience, positive emotions and the necessary information.

Thirdly, I am attracted by the very way of life of a journalist: being in the flow of new information, in the center of events, communicating with people, traveling and attending any events. Such a fast pace of life does not let you get bored and is rarely monotonous.

At the moment I am studying at the Kazakh National University named after Al Farabi. I can say with confidence that I am very happy with the teaching of journalism. It is at my university that journalism is taught in depth. From different areas. My choice fell on general journalism. Journalism requires a lot of work: the ability to find and analyze information, to present it competently and interestingly not only orally, but also in writing, the ability to speak beautifully and correctly. Therefore, in order to learn how to clearly express your thoughts, you need to read a lot. It is important to know the grammar of the native language.
It is impossible not to say about the qualities that a journalist should possess. Mobility, efficiency, sociability, purposefulness, perseverance, sociability and observation.

Journalism has become a part of my life, and I am happy that I have found the kind of activity that makes me a truly happy person.

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