Types of holidays

Lesson Plan


Unit:6 Holidays and Travel
Teacher’s name: Dauletova Gulanar
Date: 06.02.2023
Grade: 6 А Number  present:                                                      absent:
Theme of the lesson: Types of holidays
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to: understand most specific information and detail of supported, extended talk on a range general and curricular topics curricular topics; give an opinion at sentence and discourse level on an increasing range of general and curricular topics; use speaking and listening skills to solve problems creatively and cooperatively in groups

Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to: Use listening and speaking skills to solve problems and cooperatively in groups;

Most learners will be able to: Understand specific information;

Some learners will be able to: present information using digital tools.


Part of the lesson/Time Teacher’s activity Student’s activity Assessment Resources
Beginning of the lesson


5 мин.



Organization moment :


Good afternoon Students

How are you?

2.Ask Homework students look at pictures and find types of health problems using the word wall platform.


Students greet the teacher

Good afternoon Teacher

We are fine

Students mark their homework using the word wall platform

1.  She’s got a sore throat

2. He’s got a stomach ache

3.  She’s got a headache

4.  She’s got a cough

5. She’s got an earache          

6.  He’s got a toothache

7.  She’s got a temperature

8.  She sneezes

9.  It  feels sick  


Feedback with the method: “hot air Balloon ”.

“You are right”






With Word wall platform






Middle of the lesson




“brainstorming” method


New lesson


4 min

















Teacher shows the  travel ship to the students and asks questions

look at the thing in my hand. what do you see?

how do you think? where did it come from?  

Teacher shows the new words using the canva.com platform

Listen and repeat. What are these words/phrases in your language.


Take photographs

Send postcards

Swim in the sea

Buy souvenirs

Sit by the pool

Stay at a hotel/in a tent

Go sightseeing

Visit museums

Go to the beach

Go skiing

Eat local dishes


Play in the snow

Enjoy nature

Students answer the teacher’s question

This is a ship. May be from the sea

Students find the theme of the lesson by “brainstorming method”


The aim: build a general comprehension to start the new theme.

Efficiency: know the topical phrases and define the meaning of the phrases.

Ss say and discuss in mother language


“You are right”



Excel 6. Student’s book.

Page 65, Ex. 1











4 min

Teacher shows students the types of holidays through a video

Watch a video types of holidays

Teacher asks students questions

What types of holiday did you see in the video?

Students answer


Beach Holiday

Skiing Holiday

Safari Holiday

Walking Holiday

Cruise Holiday

Sightseeing Holiday

“You are right”



Excel 6. Student’s book.

Page 65, Ex. 1



Individual work.

5 min.

Learning app

Look at the pictures and match them with the words below.



All Students understand the task and less able Ss work with the help of dictionary and more able Ss do the task correctly. This task differentiated by the time management.


students watch the active holiday in the picture and mark the correct answer. Find out what it means by looking at the picture 

Ss understand the instruction and match the pictures and words.


Aim: infer meanings of unfamiliar words.

Efficiency: identify specific details.


-read the phrases

-tell to the class.

Feedback with the method:

“hot air Balloon ”.

“You are right”



Excel 6. Student’s book.

Page 65, Learning app



Pair work



6 min

The teacher gives students a situational task

Which of the following do you like doing while on holiday?

two students talk to each other on the phone and tell each other what they are doing during the holidays

Students say that they have active holidays during their holidays

Aim: deliver an effective oral presentation.

Efficiency: reflect on and evaluate learning and performance, and set goals for progress.


For the less able Ss Teacher shows examples: I like beach holidays. I usually go to the beach, sunbathe and swim in the sea.

Feedback with the method:

“hot air Balloon ”.

“You are right”



Excel 6. Student’s book.

Page 65,


Individual work.

 “Fill in”

5 min.


Learning app




Fill in the correct verb from the list.

Visit      Stay     Take

Send     Swim    Relax

Eat        Go        Sit

This year, Jenny is going to spend her holiday by the sea. During her holiday:

She is going to …..

1)…. in the sea all morning

2) …. local dishes

3) …. photographs

4) … by the pool

5) …. at a hotel by the sea.

She isn’t going to …

6) …postcards to her friends

7) … sightseeing

8) …. Museums

Jenny feels so tired, so during her holiday she just wants to 9) …… and enjoy the sunshine.


Ss fill the sentences and read to the class.

Aim:  understand and apply the conventions of academic writing in English.

Efficiency: write effective and coherent paragraphs.



Less able Ss work with more able to build the general comprehension. Fill the sentences with the help of strong Ss.



— understand the text

-fill the sentences

Total: 1point

Feedback: “hot air Balloon ”.

Great you can fill the sentences correctly and say without mistakes, but you forgot to use the topical words.



Work Book


Exercise 3. page 44





Group  work.

“Discussion with the poster”

10 min

Teacher asks Students to say  about their last holiday like Jenny 

Teacher divides the students into three groups

Almaty, Miami, Paris

Ss discuss the theme and step by step try to say about their dream places.

Aim: deliver an effective oral presentation.

Efficiency: present information using digital tools.

Feedback “hot air Balloon ” .with the method:.

“You are right”









End of the lesson.



Individual work:

   2 min.


At the end of the lesson, students reflect on their learning.

Ss write feedback to the lesson using the “tik tok” method


Aim: define how many Ss understand the theme.

Efficiency: produce accurate grammatical forms.

Feedback:  “hot air Balloon ”.

a student who has completed tasks well rises to the sky Very well, you define the words and collocations.


Board  Tik tok cards





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