the intellectual game: “Brain Ring”

Алматы қаласы Алмалы ауданы

КММ №34 гимназиясыныңағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі 

Каиржанова Жанар Сериковна





 «The extracurricular activity»


The subject: English

The teacher:KairzhanovaZhanarSerikovna

The theme: the intellectual game: “Brain Ring”

The grade: 10 “Г”

The aims: -to enhance cognitive interest in the world around you;

-to develop memory, critical thinking, listening and speaking;

-to bring up the ability to work in a team;

Audio and Visual aids: recording, balloons, cards, microphones.

The procedure of the lesson

The music of the game will be playing.

The teacher:“Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the intellectual game “Brain Ring!” We have two teams competing, the “Green team” and the “Red team”. The captain of the “Green team” is SemetAnel. The participants are: TalipovaAdelina, ZamarayevArtur, TanshanloIbraghim, NuriyevTimur, Ten Victoria, YarovayaAnastasiya and DursunovaMilana. The captain of the “Red team” is Usmayeva Malika. The participants are: BerdybayevaAnel, Kudaibergenova Yasmin, MakhatayevYerdaulet, Ten Anastasiya, ChaimardanArailym, SherbininaMariya, AitpaiKarlygash andMashanloRamazan.

Now, listen to the rule of the game. These are six squares of different colours. There are questions about Space, Literature, Geography, Biology, Science and Music. Each team should choose one of them and answer the question. There are six rounds. For the right answer each team will get the score. If one team has no answer, the other team will answer. If both teams have no answers, the score is divided into two. For each question the teams have one minute to think.”

The teacher:“And now, the captains come here and draw lots, in order to know which team will answer the first.”

The music will be playing.

The teacher:“Let’s start the game! The first round! ”Music “Gong” “Choose the square!”

The team has chosen. The teacher will read the question.

The teacher: “Attention! The question!”



  1. What year didthe first colourtelevision appear? (in 1928)
  2. In which country did the first automatic washing machineappear? (In USA)


  1. In what year did Ivan Krylov write the fable “The Swan, the Pike andthe Crab”? (in 1814)
  2. When was Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy born? (in the 9th of September 1828 year)


  1. What is the closest planet to the Sun? (Mercury)
  2. What is the farthest planet from the Sun? (Neptune)


  1. Which countries are separated by the English Channel?(It separates England and France)
  2. What do the stars on the American flag mean?(50 stars represent 50 states)


  1. Where do pink dolphins live? (In the water of the South-East Asia, in the South Africa and Australia)
  2. Which marine animal has teeth in its stomach?(Crab has three teeth in its stomach)


  1. What year was the Beatles group founded and by whom? (1960, by John Lennon)
  2. When did Michael Jackson die? (on the 26th of June 2009)

The teacher reads the question and gives 1minute to think in the team, then asks. If they answer right, the team gets the score. The round is pronounced. The music “Gong” is playing.

The other team choose the square. The teacher reads the question. The teacher gives the score for the right answer. If the team has no answer the other team will answer.  If both teams won’t answer the score divides into two by 0.5. The teacher writes down on the blackboard all scores.

When all rounds will end, the scores of the teams will been counted. The teacher will give the places and the teams will be awarded by diplomas of the first and the second places.

The teacher will congratulate the learners, thanks for playing game and say good bye!


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