Language focus: The passive voice 2: using by

Short term plan

Бекітемін: _______________________


Term 2 

Unit 7 «Communication and Technology-Make it, Build it»

School: 17
Date: Teacher’s name: Turmukhanova A.



Grade 7 “B” Number present: Number absent:
Theme of the lesson: Language focus: The passive voice 2: using by
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to •          to recognize Active and passive Voice

•          to use them in sentences

•          to develop reading, speaking and listening skills

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:
·         All leaners will read, write, listen
Most learners will be able to:
·         Most of leaners will read, write, listen, use English
Some learners will be able to:
·         Some of the leaners will read the text, write exercises, listen to each other, use English, speak.
Previous learning Grammar the passive 1
Planned timings Teacher’s activities Pupil’s activities Assessment Resources
Beginning the lesson

7 min

The lesson greeting.

Checking home task.

Warm up.

Choose the one card and build sentences using vocabulary from previous lessons.


Divide into 3 groups using game “Run and Stop”


Now I want to introduce you with criteria of assessment.
—     If you cover all aspects such as writing, reading, speaking, using English and listening you will get ‘’5’’.

—          If you cover only writing, reading, listening and using English, you will get ‘’ 4’’

—          If you cover only reading, writing and listening you will get ‘’3’’





Answer the teacher’s question








Card with Pictures





















Main Activities

30 min


7 min





7 min




11 min
















5 min


Task 1. Ex: 1 p.65


Task 2. Ex: 2 p.65

New Information

Look at the screen and read the text from PPT and do exercise 2 on page 65



Task 3

Game ‘’Writer and readers’’ You have to choose a writer and readers. Your writers have to write the sentences which readers will read from the text. You have to write all text.


I group

Education in Great Britain


II group

Education in Kazakhstan.


III group.The diagram of Ven. Compare the system of education in Kazakhstan and in GB.



Teacher gives to Ss paper with text

a)      Now read your text.

b)      Find out the sentences with Active and Passive voice in your texts.


Assessment critera






Using English


  «4»     8-7 Reading



Using English

  «3»     6-5 Reading




Grammar quiz


Individual work

Ss read the text and answer the questions.



Pair work

Ss have to write sentences using prompts



Group work

Ss ask the  questions and send them to get answers






























Ss have to find correct answers



For ex1 T gives 2 point



For ex2 T gives 4 point

Formative Assessment


For ex4 T gives 4 point





Video and images


























Ending the lesson


3 min

Giving the hometask. Ex.3 p.35.

Rewrite each sentence in the passive, then guess the correct year from the box.How many of them do you know?


Self-assessment. How well do I understand?

4 — I can do this and explain it to someone else.

3 — I understand and can do this by myself.

2 — I need more practice.

1 — I don’t understand this yet.







Formative assessment








Feedback: Teacher asks students what task was difficult to them and which pair worked well.  


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