Тлеулесова Нұрбағила Сейтжанқызы Ақтөбе облысы Ақтөбе қаласы №60жалпы білім беретін орта мектеп Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі «Sport in our life»

                                                                    Short term plan



School: Secondary school №60      


Teacher’s name: Tleulessova N.S.
Date: Term I  lesson 2  
Grade: 6 Number present:                                   absent:
Theme of the lesson: «Sport in our life»


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to: 6.R2  understand independently specific information  and detail in short, simple texts on a limited range of general and curricular  topics

6.S2 ask simple questions to get information about a growing range of general topics

6.UE3  use common participles as adjectives and order adjectives correctly in front of nouns on a growing range of  familiar general  topics

Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to: to repeat the new words ,read the text,give feedback

Most learners will be able to: to answer the questions,to complete the sentences

Some learners will be able to : to make up the sentences, listen the dialogue and write the words

Assessment  criteria Learners have met this learning objective if they can:

— understand specific information  and detail in simple texts

— ask questions to get information

— use adjectives  correctly

Value link: Ls will work together as a group showing respect and being polite with each other.
Cross curricular links PE
ICT skills PPT
Previous learning Vocabulary on the topic “Sport in our life” (nouns, adjectives). Winter & summer/ Outdoor & Indoor sports


Part of the lesson/Time Teacher’s  activity Student’s activity Assessment Resources
Beginning of the lesson


Organization moment: Greeting

Teacher start the lesson with poem about sport, but students will guess the missing words using the pictures.

Complete the poem. (I) (R)

is fun for girls and boys

It’s much better than the

You can sledge and ski and skate

And throw snowballs with Kate.

You can and play football,

Hockey ,  basketball

You can jump and you can  ,

You can have a lot of fun.


(FA)  Teacher assesses them  by “good job”

To play encourage and motivate them


— (G) I use puzzle pictures for dividing them into 3 teams. (basketball, hockey, swimming)




Slide 1 with the poem and pictures








Middle of the lesson

Presentation part.




Activity – I. Reading for scanning

(GW) (R)       “Sport in our life”

Sport plays a big role in our life. Many people do sport in our country. They want to stay healthy. Sport is a good mean of struggling with stress.

In my opinion sport is important for healthy free time. Sport also makes people strong and prepares a lot of joy.

Some people participate in sports; others prefer watching them on TV. It is known that walking for an hour is healthier than irregular participation in any active physical activities. To keep fit some people join special classes or take part in aerobics or yoga, do some kind of training in a gym. Others play football, badminton, volleyball, tennis.


Activity – II.

(GW)  Strategy “Sample Mind Map”  They take the expression “Sport in our life” and working in groups discuss and write on a sheet of paper some words and expressions which are in

Outdoor                and            indoor sports



Then students exchange papers and compare words.

(FA) (GW) Teacher gives one card to each group. In each side of card was written ‘Yes’, ‘No’. Teacher asks questions and group respond by holding up a card.

Feedback: teacher will see how ss understand the topic.

Activity – III.

Strategy  “ Diamond ranking”

This is a small group activity aimed at prioritizing info and ideas it can be a followed up activity used after info

I suggest  individual tasks for students giving descriptor.

Descriptor: learners (Differentiation)

High level Ss:  Write sentences with new words (Excellent)

Mid level Ss:   Write advantages & disadvantages of sport. (good)

 Low level Ss:  Write an adj. about sport (eg. Faster, slower, quicker,

higher, smaller) – (try again)


Activity — IV

(IW) “Bingo”. Sts write on the table 9 words of sports. While I read them the names of sports they will tick it on their table. Who will have 9 words he/ she will be winner. Eg.,


Tennis Chess  
  Ski   volleyball

Activity – V.

(PW)  (S) regrouping.

I give them puzzle pictures, students find their pair and  make a short dialogue using their pictures. Role playing.

Activity — IV


Watch the video








Look at the slide













Listen to the teacher











Listen and repeat the new words

Read all the new words









Read and repeat the new words





















Watch the video

Read the text


Answer the questions








Complete the sentences












Make up the sentences, choose from the menu and say




Listen and say



Find the words



























Very nice




Well done































Well done


Very nice






















Well done







Very good














































































Students book



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